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Guide to Wedding Bands

The Wedding Band is the only piece of jewelry directly related to emotion. Traditionally worn by married men and women, the wedding band is a perfect circle which wraps the fourth finger, it is known to represent eternity. It is believed that there is a single vein that connects the fourth finger directly to the heart. DreamStone carries a variety of wedding bands to choose from that you'll surely fall in love with. 

DreamStone offers wedding bands in gold and platinum styles. You can choose from the traditional low dome comfort-fit styles, diamond eternity bands, or a wedding band with a matching engagement ring.
We recommend that you choose a wedding that compliments your hand.  If you have thick fingers it is best to choose a thicker band. Those with smaller more narrow fingers will be better suited with a thinner, more delicate wedding band. The DreamStone Wedding Band Collection...

Women’s Wedding Bands

Matching Bands
DreamStone offers a wide variety of wedding bands available with a matching engagement setting.  Matching your wedding band to your engagement ring is a popular and always classic approach. A matching set is made of the same metal, is polished or textured the same way, has the same overall shape, and if applicable, matching side-stones. Matching Bridal Sets...

A Unique Set
Some may choose a wedding band that is not part of the matching set of their engagement ring. You may have a solitaire engagement ring and decide to partner it with a five-stone wedding band or an eternity style band. This mix and match approach is growing in popularity because it allows for a variety of different looks and options. The DreamStone team will gladly help you to find a wedding band that will beautifully compliment your engagement ring. Women's Wedding Band Collection...

The Classic

If you would like a simple but always elegant look go for our traditional comfort-fit platinum or gold styles. This collection transcends time and is perfect for everyday wear. These wedding band styles are not only fashionably durable, but they look fantastic on both men and women. Women's Classic Bands...
Diamond Bands
DreamStone carries a gorgeous selection of Diamond Wedding Bands. Our diamond bands are available in prong set, pave set, channel set, and bar set styles. These diamond bands are brilliant eye-catching styles that will last a lifetime. Women's Diamond Bands...

Eternity Bands
An eternity band is a complete circle of diamonds around the finger. This style can be worn alone or partnered with an engagement ring. Some of our DreamStone customers purchase two identical eternity bands and either wear them side by side or surround their engagement ring with them; one on top of the engagement ring and one below it. This style lends itself to many different looks and possibilities as well. Women's Eternity Band Collection...

Five-Stone Diamond Band
The Five-Stone Diamond Band is a perfect option if you're interested in the look of diamonds with a more manageable price-tag than an eternity band. Besides for a more inviting price-tag, this style is a perfect choice that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the brilliance and fire of diamonds. DreamStone carries a stunning collection of Five-Stone Diamond Bands.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Men do not usually wear any jewelry besides for a wrist watch and their wedding band, so it is very important that they choose a wedding band that they not only love, but fits their style as well.

An Elegant Look
DreamStone offers a wide variety of men’s wedding bands in both platinum and gold styles. The traditional choice is the solid comfort-fit band, but some men may prefer a masculine diamond style wedding band. Our collection includes styles with milgrain detail and finish options such as the brushed finish. Whether you’re interested in a classic comfort-fit band, a diamond band, a thin or wide band style, DreamStone offers a beautiful selection of men’s wedding bands. Men's Wedding Band Collection... 

DreamStone Wedding Band Tips:
1)  When choosing a Wedding Band go for a style you truly love. Do not choose a style based on trends. This is a piece of jewelry you will wear for years to come, so it is best to consider the future.
2)  Keep in mind that having a matching wedding band with your spouse is not necessary. Your spouse may prefer a different color metal or a completely different style. There is no official rule book in choosing a wedding band.
3)  Choose a style that takes your everyday activities in consideration. A beautiful ring is important, but so is a durable ring that can be worn daily.
4)  If gold is your metal of choice, keep in mind that the purer the gold the softer the metal is. For a wedding band, it is best to choose 14kt or 18kt gold because of their durability and color quality.
5)  If you work in a “hands-on” industry, it is best to choose a platinum wedding band. Platinum is known for its’ durability and resistance to scratches and other minor damages.
6)  Women traditionally wear their wedding ring first and then their engagement ring. (The wedding band should be worn “closest” to the heart after the wedding vows have been exchanged.)

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