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Guide to Earrings
An essential part of every woman's jewelry wardrobe is a great pair of earrings. Earrings add an extra touch of sparkle and femininity to every outfit and, because they are worn on the ears, are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to work in. 
Whether you're buying a pair for yourself or for someone else, know that they're going to be loved and worn often. Earrings are a great gift idea because they'll always just the right size. Browse through The DreamStone Earring Collection.

DreamStone Earring Styles

Studs & Solitaires
Studs and Solitaires are attractively small and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear. These styles lend themselves to both formal and casual occasions. Studs and Solitaires are sophisticated earring styles. These styles add a hint of reflection just beyond the eyes which bring attention to the face. DreamStone offers a stunning selection of Gemstone Studs, Diamond Studs, and Pearls Studs.  
Drops (Dangles)
This glamorous earring style has lots of drama and movement. Drops and Dangles are designed to hang below the setting allowing the earrings to gracefully sway as you move. The elongated shape of these earring styles can cause the face to appear longer and more narrow. Browse though our gorgeous collection of Diamond Dangle Earrings.
Hoops & Huggies
For a great way to enjoy the shine and luster of your favorite precious metal, choose a Hoop or Huggie style earring. These styles can showcase plenty of the precious metal you choose. If you like the Hoop and Huggie style earrings but want more sparkle, choose a style with diamonds. A smaller, wider Hoop or Huggie earring can bring attention to your eyes and face. A larger, thinner Hoop or Huggie earring can create the illusion of a longer more narrow face. DreamStone has a beautiful collection of Hoop earrings.

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