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The key to enjoying and protecting your jewelry over the years is to know how to take proper care of it. Here are a few tips:

Caring for your Jewelry

Diamonds are made of the strongest molecular structure on earth, (double carbon bonds) – resistant to tremendous heat and pressure, but they are by no means indestructible.

Ø Diamonds can scratch other jewelry as well as each other – Store them in a jewelry box with dividers or separate compartments and make sure not to overcrowd. For another alternative, you can individually wrap each piece with a soft fabric and store in a safe place.

Ø Avoid wearing your jewelry when doing household chores or any kind of rough work – Abrasives can damage your jewelry. In addition, certain chemicals such as chlorine can cause discoloration or weakening to the metal settings, and create buildup that dulls the polish of the diamonds.

Ø Get into the habit of taking off you’re your jewelry before taking a shower or bathing – Soap can leave a residue that can diminish the liveliness and sparkle of the diamonds, and necessitate more frequent cleaning.

Ø Try not to touch the diamonds when taking them on and off – This can cause an oily or greasy buildup on the surface of the diamonds; instead grasp the metal portion of the setting.

Ø Check your jewelry for loose stones, moving stones or any other noticeable damage – A loose diamond can be a warning sign of a weak prong that may require some reinforcement or adjustment.

Cleaning your Jewelry

Since most people where our jewelry everyday, it is essential to keep jewelry clean if you want to maintain its luster. Buildup from dirt, cosmetic substances, or your own skin oils will dull the sparkle. Even the slightest film can diminish the beauty of your diamonds.

Ø The simplest and easiest way – Prepare a small bowl of warm water using any kind of mild household liquid detergent or dishwashing fluid (none containing chlorine or bleach). Soak the piece a few minutes. Gently brush around all sides with a soft toothbrush while keeping the piece submerged in the sudsy water. Rinse off with warm water (not directly over the drain and make sure it’s closed). Pat your jewelry dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Ø Professional cleaning and polishing – Every twelve to eighteen months it is a good idea to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and polishedOften times, this can restore the luster and beauty of your jewelry.

Traveling with your Jewelry

Protect your valuable investment. Taking the right precautions when traveling can prevent you from losing your jewelry.

Ø Never pack your jewelry in luggage that you plan on checking in – instead keep it with you in a carryon bag at all times. There are many types of jewelry carrying cases that are specifically designed for travel – some can even be concealed under clothing if you must travel with an expensive piece.

Ø Never leave your jewelry on the side of a sink – Not only do you risk losing it down the drain, but you can also forget it there.

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