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The diamond and the setting are the two components of an Engagement Ring. If you are looking for the best value and quality, it is best to pick out these two parts separately. Some people choose the diamond before they choose the setting, others, reverse this process. It is best to devote most of your time and budget in choosing the finest diamond.

Establish a Budget

Choosing an engagement ring is a poignant event, and since this is a purchase that will last a lifetime, deciding on a budget can be stressful. The two month salary is a traditional starting point, but we at DreamStone believe that regardless of your budget, the most important objective should be quality.

This guide is designed to assist you not only in choosing the right combination of quality and diamond size, but also in choosing a setting she’ll love. With DreamStone, you’ll be certain that you’ve chosen the perfect ring.

The Perfect Engagement Ring
Trying to guess what style of ring she would love is a challenge, DreamStone will not only educate you on all the information you’ll need to know before you start your search, but we’ll fill you in on other secrets that will give you the assurance that you’ve chosen the best ring for her.
Choosing the Right Diamond

Here at DreamStone, we are devoted to making sure that we exceed the expectations of every customer. With the knowledge available through our website and our customer service team, anyone can be a confident and knowledgeable consumer. Regardless of whether your goal is to purchase the largest stone, the highest quality stone, or a balance of both carat and quality, with DreamStone you can’t go wrong.

The most expensive part of an engagement ring is the diamond. You will need the right information to help you determine the diamond attributes that are most valuable to you.

The Perfect Engagement Ring continued...

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